Get involved

Get involved


If you are interested in promoting sustainable development, and impacting social change, we invite you to team up with us! An alliance of dedicated groups all over the world can help us obtain our goals quicker and speed up our imperative move towards being a sustainable planet.


Occasionally we need help for our workshops, projects or other activities. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved in this way. Tell us who you are, your interests, what motivates you, and your experiences in sustainability. We will then contact you when we have a project that suits your interests.


We welcome sponsors who share the values and ideologies of Energy for All. We consider sponsor relationships which will mutually benefit both parties, and with whom we can collaborate to further promote environmental protection, citizen well-being, social change, and sustainability

A sponsorship can be everything from sponsoring our organization, an event, a workshop or a specific project– from a one-time fee to prolonged support.


A donation to Energy for All is a bond of trust between us and the donor, as we will happily provide full transparency on how your donation will be used in our projects.

In times of financial surplus, we will publically vote among our donors to decide which Energy for All or Partner projects should receive our extra funds.